Reality the Great Illusion

"Redefining the Dream"




The Holographic Canvas

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Chapter 1:      Reality                        


Chapter 2:      The Programming of Humanity

Cycles of Linear Time

Chapter 3:      The Harmonics of Time

Chapter 4:      Reality and the brain

Chapter 5:      Deception of the seekers

                         The MerKaba

Chapter 6:      Time Travel

Chapter 7:      The Fourth and Fifth dimension

Chapter 8:      Overlay Realities & Man


Chapter 9:      The Deception of Ascension

Chapter 10:    Health and the Evolving Spirit

                        The Programming of Stem Cells

Chapter 11:    Taking Responsibility for Your Joy and Pain

Chapter 12:    Destruction of the great sisterhood

Chapter 13:    Children are not Property

Chapter 14:    Another Point in Time

Chapter 15:    Characters in the Game

Chapter 16:    Simplifying the Journey

Chapter 17:    Oxygen and the Transformation of Reality

Chapter 18:    Earth’s Design and Ascension

Chapter 19:    This Reality is the Past

Chapter 20:    Do We Live Past Lives

Chapter 21:    Ascension of the Soul

Chapter 22:    Moving Beyond Destiny ad Fate

Chapter 23:    The Illusion of Lack

Chapter 24:    Reality Shifting

Chapter 25:    Transcending the Illusion of Mind

Chapter 26:    Moving into Super-consciousness

Chapter 27:    In Conclusion:

                        Are we all sharing the same reality?  

Chapter 28:    Attachments and Distractions

                        Self Assessment Chart

                        Self Realization and Transformation


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