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I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've read "The Holographic Canvas" 3 times,
and plan to read it many more times because I gain more knowledge, awareness and understanding each time I read it!

    I love how your thoughts, words and information take my mind to a whole new deeper level of understanding on what's really happening out there.  I've also discovered that I love understanding the science of quantum physics.  Your book has really changed my life patterns and has given me the tools to better understanding the foolishness happening inside that consensus box.  I'm living it now, and putting together the many missing pieces of knowing, my entire life, that there had to be more than what we've been made to believe.  I now delve into the science/the root/the basic fundamentals of basically everything that I'm discussing and always leave others with thoughts to stimulate and awaken their inner minds.  I live in a small town in South Carolina and don't really come into contact with many free-minded people.  However I have told many others, many times (through my email group) to buy "The Holographic Canvas" to gain a deeper, higher level of understanding about everything so that they may really free the mind in order to feel that wonderful feeling of inner peace!!!!!!!! 

Benita Gamble

Beaufort, SC

Dear Sonia,

Peace and blessings!


I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I prayed and reached out the the Creator for answers and was rewarded with your body of work, which both helps me to think in a new way and helps me to see yet deeper into some of the concepts I have only begin to become acquainted.


In fact, I was in a place where I could sense my journey on this plane was coming to an end. I couldn't even explain the concept until I saw one of your presentations on-line, but that's what it was. My mind was saying "I guess that's it." Then, I reached out in prayer and begin to meditate more. While studying, I found one of your presentations. Now, I am de-programming myself of so much that I just accepted on 'face value.' I pray that you continue to receive blessing without measure, because I know with all of my heart that you are an angelic being.

Hi Sonia,
How are you doing? This is Ahmad fka Richard from Georgia. I just finished reading your book and it is awesome! Now it is time for me to study each chapter several times. Your book is easy to ready and applicable for dealing with the entire scope of the matrix. It makes me even more elated that I am living in this day and time to witness the shift. What is sad it that some acquaintances  lend an ear to listen when they inquire about the matrix but let the message escape out of the other ear; and continue their routine (in your words) like a hamster on the wheel (LOL). I feel that one has to be born to know and realize their final frontier in the NOW (past, present, future).

I've been listen to the archived internet radio shows. Your guests have been sharing some good information.

I am so grateful for connecting with you. It reinforces my acknowledgment of  the collective consciousness and how like minds can utilize the energy in the collective conscious reservoir in our lives. Thanks for the Toni Pope music that you play on your url.

Love, Peace & Health,

Ahmad Ptah-El


Holographic Canvas

The Holographic Canvas explores many possibilities one of which raises the question “is Earth as we know it but a matrix or system of programs?” “Is death then a necessary process or is it simply part of the matrix program? Is it then possible that the concept of dying will cease to exist once humanity uncovers the deception?” Another idea is proposed that human bodies are vehicles not yet turned on but designed to make molecular modifications according to the vibration of our consciousness.  The book explores our existence in a holographic world, a virtual game; an assortment of illusions strung together by the brain and the mind. It’s an exploration of the illusion of a solid world generated by fluid movements against a canvas of energy, all of which is taking place against the backdrop of the void. She concludes that the answers are all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history is encoded in our cells, DNA and the air we breathe. The Holographic Canvas serves as a reminder of a once sovereign humanity and the potential to return to a consciousness beyond this matrix of illusions.  

“Sonia Barrett brilliantly synthesizes many concepts from the realms of the quantum self and from the grand scheme of possible realities. The Holographic Canvas presents concepts introducing new possibilities on old ravenous concepts about the nature of the "real." After journeying through these pages nothing will seem as it did before…creating a stepping stone to freedom. Through The Holographic Canvas we are reminded of the glory of real flight!”

 -Gerald O'Donnell

Founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality and Thought

"I first met Sonia in the early nineties when we were both researching human sovereignty.  I found her to be not only a charming young lady, but also exceptionally knowledgeable about spiritual and metaphysical subjects.  It is always a pleasure for me when we have the chance to sit down and compare notes.  This book is a fine presentation of her insights in this field, and is recommended reading for all people who love freedom."


- Jordan Maxwell,

Internationally known Researcher, Historian and Lecturer on Religion and Occultism 

“Sonia Barrett's: The Holographic Canvas, is remarkably innovative, thought provoking, and packed with astonishing and breathtaking insights. Through a multi-faceted approach, that intertwines new science and spirituality, Sonia boldly challenges many sacred beliefs, including: the assumption that we all need to die; the idea that ascended masters and super heroes are necessary to assist humanity in their development; and the need to buy into so-called "reality," at the expense of one's own personal development. She makes a unique contribution in busting the matrix and offers new pathways that break through the veils that shield humanity from light and higher truth.”


- Celeste Allegrea Adams, author "Keepers of the Dream," Creatrix Studio

Sonia a few words to let you know how your book "The Holographic Canvas", has changed my life. Let me start by saying it is what I have been looking for, for years. And in it I found that "I"  am really what I've been looking for. Your book to me was a celebration, it was good news.

Reading your book was confirmation for a lot of beliefs I had, and you took the thought a step or two further, where as others were only dropping nuggets. You gave me steps I could take to further myself on, in my quest to remember and sort out the information.I immediately started to practice daily and I continue to remember and change my thoughts to change my life. I first had to be brutally honest with myself and own-up to my addictions in order to change them, (it was not a pretty look). The best information for me was knowing I am in control, that is worth all the not pretty looks I have to deal with.

Remembering to remove my ego out of the situation; and seeing how the ego causes particular reactions to situations, is my challenge to date. But I welcome the challenge with confidence of success.I have gifted your book to three of my friends, and suggested it to at least four others. My wish for them is that they get as much out of reading it as I have. I am now reading it for the third time.

I will be forever grateful for you being you.
Barbara Love

Spirit in form website has the pulse of life in its hand..I found that it has many degree's of truth. Sonia Barrett, delicateness and unrelenting display of information, will take you through
a synergistic kaleidoscope of knowledge. spirit in form, I’m here to stay.

Bro.Darren, Detroit, MI


"The Holographic Canvas"
While reading this book I was amazed by the depth of knowledge this author has on the subject. Having interviewed many people on the subject of the matrix we live in, I was taken back by the easy explanations offered by the author throughout the book. Anyone can understand what's really going on here on planet Earth by reading this book. It will expand your mind and conception of reality quicker than anything else you will read or view. Many claim to "know" how the system works, this author does. To truly understand life, you must understand all the programs and controls set up in the hologram we are currently traveling through.. this book will help the reader do just that. Highly recommend it.

Meria Heller
The Meria Show

Dearest Sonia,

I came into the middle of you talking yesterday on the radio while I was driving, and was asking myself the whole time you were talking who is this woman? When I got home I went straight to your website and ordered your book ! I spent the rest of the afternoon at your website just reading. I am a big fan of Ken Wilber, But I think I am also a big fan of you now!

You did a great job of answering those questions yesterday, Keep up the good work!

Look foward to hearing more from you! 

Tim Hicks

Dear Sonia,

I patiently await the arrival of Holographic Canvas, and in the mean time have been enjoying reading and re-reading articles from your jam packed website. After reading the sample chapters on the site I can tell you that my thoughts now are of gratitude for your expression of truth and knowledge in this form.


Jerilyn .Baker.


Sonia as I tuned into 89.3 FM last Sunday evening your voice/vibration captivated and lured me into what I call the Abyss. There I locked onto your frequency and rode it out until the wee hours of the morning. It was the 1st time in a long time that had done so. There was so much truth and understanding that you projected from each word sound. It became even clearer to me that, we as co-creators of this I-Neverse sometimes forget how our very own thought process is inter-woven with each others thoughts on a collective realm. Not only were you specific and precise with your answers but you seem to be guided and flowing from the inner Goddess In YOU. I commend you greatly in all your works. The Great Works, for the freeing and liberation of the world to come. Thank you my beloved Goddess for sharing your expression of the Greater





Beautiful reading that is unique and informative,

I loved this book. One of the most refreshing books I have read in a while, the Holographic Canvas reads like poetry-fluid and non-linear. Yet, it makes total sense and provokes deeper thinking as well as self-understanding. Freedom, autonomy and clarity of vision are the keywords I would use to categorize this book, if I had to categorize at all. Reading it is like stumbling upon a secret doorway. It's a unique book b/c it ties together economics, science, spirituality and every day living, while most books on 'spirituality' are very removed from the course of our day to day existence and what affects us directly. If you are looking for a new take on both old and new concepts, check out this book. It will expand your mind.


Laurie Monahan


Well Sonia,
your book was so powerful I read it 3 times. I took a bunch of notes’ quest I sum up everything in the beginning with all the phone calls/emails, about you and your message. When I first heard your voice I could hear your specialness...lastly your book tied a lot of loose ends in my world, I was already out walking your every step through Holographic Canvas, I’m just soaring now. Sonia, thank you for writing the Holographic canvas,

Brother Darren
Eloheem ma'At amon ra

I am in gratitude for Sonia's simple way of weaving science, the universal laws of nature, layers of programed beliefs and unlimited possibilities. The Holographic Canvas gave me permission to accept the thoughts that flows through my mind during meditation or other times, as being o.k. to process, which lead to more re-membering and expansion.   
-------Leotha Douglas
San Diego, Ca

I have been a lurker of various "reality shifting" web sites for quite sometime.  I wanted the information, more accurately, I wanted confirmation of what I already knew but I lacked the courage to reach out.  Sonia's was the first web site that I felt a strong connection to so I contacted her. As a result, my life has been greatly enhanced.  Sonia's gift to the world is that she presents information in such a way that allows one to truly "get it " on a very basic and uncomplicated level.   After reading her book," The Holographic Canvas",  I was able to process and incorporate truths that I didn't quite grasp from others.   Sonia's ability to cut through the glutton of information, allowing one to "feel" the truth of our existence is simply beautiful.  I am very excited about my journey and as I embrace my true self and grow more confident in my own ability to "consciously create my world",  I will remain grateful to Sonia for being to me, " A Ray of Very Bright Light". 
Donna T., Florida

For someone who looks rather young you sure have it all figured out. You are truly a diva, one with the all, thank you, Angelo Perri

Greetings My Dear Sister!


I just want to say again that your  Memory Lecture last Saturday was just outstanding.  I (now) always leave your presentations a little bit higher and a lot more expanded in my thinking. I plan to see you Friday evening and I'm passing the good word.  Have a wonderful day. 



Thanks Sonia, please do keep me informed when the DVD is out...I must tell  you that your communication means much to me as well! It's very refreshing to hear a sister get deep with it. I'm used to hearing brothers like Phil Valentine, Del Blair, B. Hemmitt, etc., go heavy into the metaphysical discourse, so when an insightful sister such as yourself brings on the cosmological knowledge, I'm even more inclined to listen b'cos I recognize the true power of the feminine spirit, of which to me is the real vessel for wisdom and with your perspective along with that of our other insightful brothers and other sisters like Dr Pookrum, I'm sure to have the most wholistic foundation I need in my own journey through life. I certainly have gained much from you already to adorn myself and I look forward to more interaction. Thanks!

Much love to you also,


Dear Sonia,
I heard about from Journeys with Rebecca. I am currently listening to the radio talks on your site. So do you do consultation and how is it carried out? Currently most people are getting awake because of the alternative media. Somewhere  late in 2006 I started ignoring all that I have thought as a child. I knew something was missing but what? I began my journey of exploration listening to David Icke, Stuart Wilde, Alan watt, and others. As the days went by, the scales began to peel off ....My  mission is to know more and serve a an alarm to awaken those who are still asleep. I like to establish a firm link with you Sonia.
Remain blessed.
Much love



Hi Sonja,

First I want to say how much I enjoyed the seminar and your lecture on May 17th in Los Angeles.  Barbara said you encourage feed-back but I wanted to read the book through then re-read it again at a slower pace before e-mailing you.  However, I can't seem to get through it (smile), mostly because of the light bulb moments that keep going off on almost every page!  (feeling a bit like Oprah!)  I began chapter 21 the other day and stopped at page 168, because I just had to absorb what you were saying!  "How crazy is that" we "have" let someone else put limitations on the values of any and everything for us!   For instance I have read that there is an over abundance of diamonds available, but they are stockpiled away so that their value stays high. There is no reason why we all can't be allowed to enjoy the beauty of our own big old diamond ring, necklace, pendant, or whatever!   I read that when Europeans first arrived in one of the African Countries diamonds were so plentiful the natives were stepping over them when they walked down the streets.  I totally agree with you that doubt becomes the first action after desire is created.  We desire something then, if money "is" an object, our next thought is, oops, can't afford that! I have often wondered why rich people need so much, but when you explained that the Rich cling to doubt (limited ceiling) "beyond reason" the answer became  crystal clear.  However, I then I began to look within and realized, although I am not rich by any means, I do have more than some.  I had to asked myself," why do "I" need more than others"?   Wow!  I"am still thinking about that one!  You are beyond clear. Listen, the pages of my book are marked from page 12 to page 168.  You have written about many things that I have pondered since childhood. Just been trying to make sense of this life.  Obviously I could have written to you early on beginning with the very first chapter, but as I said before I need to re-read because I feel there is so much more in this book that I have missed!   However, I needed to let you know how much I appreciate you and your knowledge.  Thanks for witting this wonderful book! Much peace and energy to you. 

Marie Lee




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